Hi, my name is Emanuele!

I am a Software Engineer currently working in Chiasso, Switzerland!

Would you know more about me? Check me out at www.emanuelepapa.dev

The aim of this blog is to informally record some of my experiments in computer science, projects and some tutorials on tools that I use.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a good tutorial which exactly fits my needs, so I have to read two or more of them to achieve the result I was looking for! Most of the time I write small step-by-step tutorial for myself which will be very handy in case I find myself in a situation I already faced.

So, actually, I find useful for me and for everyone on the Internet to have this material well organized and easily accessible!

On this blog you can find facts, stories, hints and tutorials about programming, networking, Android, IoT, Kotlin and all my experiences in Computer Science. I hope you like it!